Translation Services

General Translation

All types of non-specialized and non-legal texts in editable format.

Specialized Translation

Technical translation in various speciality fields. The main focus is an accurate terminology and the sharing of technical knowledge with the Customer.

Sworn Translation

Translation of official documents for administrative or civil purposes (civil status documents, certificates, contracts, statutes, texts of law, diplomas, etc.) that complies with defined formal criteria, and must be performed by a sworn (sworn) translator.
Legalization is the official approval of the signature of the sworn translator being registered in the National Register of Sworn Translators and Interpreters (TIJ).
As a sworn translator since 2010 at the Court of First Instance of Nivelles, registered in the TIJ since December 2019, Julie has extensive experience translating a wide range of legal and official documents.

Monolingual Review (Screening)

Stylistic improvement (mainly-) of a translation that has already been reviewed, and which source is not available or is written in a language unknown to the reviewer.

Bilingual Review (Proofreading)

Review of (human) translations to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the target against the source, as well as checking style, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. in order to deliver a smooth and accurate target.

Localization and Cultural Adaptation

Adaptation of a translation between two regional variants of the same language. French language spoken in France, Canada, Belgium or elsewhere present small differences, sometimes difficult to detect, but likely to compromise the message transmitted or to strike the ear of the final readers. It is better to ensure that the translation is perfectly adapted to the target audience and avoid any misunderstanding.


Review and edit of translations using automated translation tools such as Google Translation, DeepL, etc. Human acuity is often crucial to compensate the rigidity of machines and get a fluent target text.


Transcription of audio content in French/English/Spanish from various audio and audio-visual media.

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